NMR&S Center on Professionalism
NMR&S Center on Professionalism
NMR&S Center on Professionalism
NMR&S Center on Professionalism

Academic Centers

Center for Law Practice Technology
Florida Coastal School of Law
8787 Baypine Road
Jacksonville, FL 32256
Richard Granat
Stephanie Kimbro

Coastal Law's Center for Law Practice Technology ("CLPT") is designed to prepare students for the new and evolving legal marketplace of the 21st century. This marketplace increasingly demands knowledge and skills related to technology and innovation. Through the CLPT's hands-on curriculum, students will produce business plans and other projects which they may utilize in their careers upon graduation.

Center for Legal Ethics and Professionalism
Mercer University School of Law
1021 Georgia Ave
Macon, GA 31207
Professor Patrick Longan

Mercer's Center for Legal Ethics and Professionalism seeks to engage members of the bench and bar, students, faculty, and the surrounding community with outreach educational activities and services designed around improving professionalism in students, lawyers, and judges.

Center for Professional Values and Practice
New York Law School
185 W. Broadway
New York, NY 10013
Professor Rebecca Roiphe
Professor Doni Gewritzman

The Center for Professional Values and Practice (CPVP) focuses on the changing conditions of law practice in the U.S. and abroad. Through classwork, case studies, Center events, and independent projects, students learn about the conditions of practice in a variety of traditional settings, such as law firms, corporate law departments, government offices, and non-profits, as well as new, non-traditional settings such as virtual law firms, legal software companies, and legal process outsourcing firms. The goal of the Center is to provide students with a sophisticated understanding about the conditions of modern law practice and to equip students for successful careers in the next generation of practice organizations.

Center for the Study of the Legal Profession
Georgetown University Law Center
600 New Jersey Ave, NW
Washington, DC 2000
Professor Mitt Regan

The Center for the Study of the Legal Profession at Georgetown Law conducts rigorous empirical research on trends and developments in law practice. The Center aims to advance knowledge about the legal profession, equip students to make choices about different career paths, enable the law school to make decisions about its strategy and operations, and help lawyers navigate the demands of modern practice.

Center on the Global Legal Profession
Indiana University Maurer School of Law
211 South Indiana Avenue
Bloomington, Indiana 47405-7001
Professor William Henderson

The work of the Center on the Global Legal Profession focuses on the role of lawyers in society, the business of lawyering and the organizational context housing legal practice. Forces of globalization, politics and the economy create enormous challenges and opportunities for lawyers, clients, policymakers, law schools and the public. The Center examines these issues through the lens of empirical research, using original and existing data and utilizing both quantitative and qualitative methodology.

Frank J. Kelley Institute of Ethics & the Legal Profession
Michigan State University
Law College Building
648 N. Shaw Lane
East Lansing, MI 48824-1300
Professor Renee Newman Knake
Hannah Brenner

The Frank J. Kelley Institute of Ethics & the Legal Profession at Michigan State University College of Law addresses issues of ethics and the legal profession through teaching, research, and outreach programs. Named for Frank J. Kelley, the longest-serving attorney general in U.S. history, the Kelley Institute builds upon the dedication, professionalism, and ethical code that marked his career, including his 37 years of service to the State of Michigan.

Holloran Center for Ethical Leadership in the Professions
University of St. Thomas
2115 Summit Avenue
St. Paul, Minnesota 55105
Professor Neil Hamilton

The Holloran Center's mission is to provide innovative interdisciplinary research, curriculum development, and programs focusing holistically on the formation of both students and practicing professionals into ethical leaders in their communities. In fulfilling the mission, the Holloran Center seeks to address the most compelling ethical issue facing education in the professions and business: How can higher education most effectively foster the ethical professional formation of each student and practicing professional?

Institute for Law Practice Technology and Innovation
Suffolk University Law School
Law School
120 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02108
Professor Andrew Perlman

The Institute was established to study how technology is revolutionizing the practice of law, creating both opportunities and challenges for lawyers in every practice setting. The Institute offers programs, courses, public lectures, and other information designed to educate students, the legal profession, and the public about technology's transformation of the practice of law and the delivery of legal services.

Institute for the Study of Legal Ethics
Hofstra University School of Law
Hempstead, NY 11549
Professor Susan Saab Fortney

Hofstra's Institute for the Study of Legal Ethics (ISLE) serves as a research center for the study of legal ethics issues. In addition to offering courses in professional responsibility, ISLE sponsors speakers, conferences, symposiums and also provides opportunities for student and faculty research.

Jacobs Burns Center for Ethics in the Practice of Law
Cardozo School of Law
55 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10003
Ellen C. Yaroshefsky, Director

The Jacob Burns Institute for Advanced Legal Studies is the cornerstone of the School's pursuit of legal scholarship, supporting symposia, lectures, conferences, and faculty research. Founded in 1987, and named for former founding Cardozo board member and philanthropist Jacob Burns, it has helped make the Law School a recognized intellectual center and leader in legal theory.

Louis Stein Center for Law and Ethics
Fordham University School of Law
140 W. 62nd St.
New York, NY 10023
Professor Bruce Green

From its inception, the Louis Stein Center for Law and Ethics has endeavored to make ethics and public service integral to the study and practice of law. In the process it has created and nurtured a legal community of scholars, students, jurists and practitioners dedicated to the exchange of ideas and problem solving in a vital field of inquiry that has grown increasingly more important in today's professional world.

Program on the Legal Profession
Harvard Law School
1585 Massachusetts Avenue
Wasserstein Hall, Suite 5018
Cambridge, MA 02138
Professor David B. Wilkins

The Program on the Legal Profession (PLP) seeks to make a substantial contribution to the modern practice of law by increasing understanding of the structures, norms and dynamics of the global legal profession.

Stanford Center on the Legal Profession
Stanford Law School
Crown Quadrangle
559 Nathan Abbott Way
Stanford, CA
Professor Deborah Rhode

The Stanford Center on the Legal Profession, founded in 2008, supports research, teaching, programs and public policy initiatives on crucial issues facing the bar. Building on the legacy of its predecessor, the Keck Center on Legal Ethics and the Legal Profession, the Center focuses on issues of professional responsibility and the structure of legal practice. Central concerns include how to enhance access to justice, sustain ethical values, improve bar regulatory structures, and effectively respond to the changing dynamics of legal workplaces.

W. Lee Burge Endowment for Law and Ethics
Georgia State University of Law
PO Box 4037
Atlanta, GA 30302-4037
404-651-2092 (fax)
Professor Clark Cunningham

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